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Oceania Nepali Sports Meet (ONSM) is a not-for-profit organisation registered under the NSW Fair Trading and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). The ONSM organises biennial sporting events, called the Oceania Nepali Sports Meet, featuring a range of sports competitions drawing hundreds of athletes from Australia and New Zealand and the other countries in the Oceania region.

Australian states and territories, New Zealand and the other countries in the Oceania region constitute jurisdictional units of the ONSM, hence they are collectively referred to as ‘jurisdiction’ or ‘state/country’.

The main objective is to define and articulate the structure and management of the ONSM including roles and responsibilities of the host and participating state / country to enable the ONSM to function more effectively at the national, state or Oceania level. This is envisaged to ensure that the objectives and goals of the ONSM are achieved in partnership with the local organisations.

The intent is to be transparent and inclusive. Hence all sport lovers and young sporting talents have the opportunity to get involved, volunteer and gain exposure to the leadership and management of the ONSM. Proponents of the ONSM who have been involved in the last four ONSM events will play an important role in strategic shaping and mentoring of new leadership for the management of the ONSM moving forward in to the future.

ONSM 2023 CANBERRA - Media Release

April 19, 2023

It is a great pleasure to announce that the fifth edition of the Oceania Nepali Sports Meet (ONSM) tournament concludes with HUGE SUCCESS.

The tournament, held from Friday 7 to Monday 10 April 2023 in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, was coordinated by the ONSM Coordination Committee that has members from across Australia and New Zealand.

The event, popularly dubbed as “Nepali mini-Olympics” within the Nepalese diaspora in the Oceania region was a fun-filled 4-day long sporting extravaganza where over 700 Athletes from across Australia and New Zealand competed in 10 sports, including GOLF, BADMINTON, TENNIS, TABLETENNIS, 5KMRUN, SWIMMING, BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL, SOCCER, CRICKET.

Following are the high lights

  1. Longest running campaign to host the event in Canberra since 2018
  2. First time the ONSM is exposed to national stage. Credit goes to Mr Craig Foster, AM for his support and graceful presence in the award ceremony
  3. First time, a member of the Indigenous community participated and performed acknowledgement of country and played traditional instrument Didgeridoo on the opening and closing ceremony
  4. Swimming was included for the first time in the list of sports
  5. Title sponsors were secured for all 10 sports
  6. Large contingent of second-generation athletes took part in the tournament including a
  7. second-generation title sponsor for Basketball
  8. Athletes from nine jurisdictions (eight States and Territories of Australia and New Zealand)
  9. participated in the events
  10. Largest contingent to date participated from Tasmania and Western Australia
  11. A six-digit budget needed for the first time to host the event
  12. Live streaming of events for the first time
  13. photography and videography full coverage of the event at all 10 sports venues
  14. Two jurisdictions, NSW and ACT have athletes participating in all 10 sports
  15. NSW secured the highest number of medals followed by VIC and ACT

Please download the full verion of Media Release below:

Media Release


ONSM has been organising biennial sporting events drawing hundreds of athletes from Australia and New Zealand and the other countries in the Oceania region:

5th ONSM 2023

5th ONSM 2023

5th ONSM will be held in Canberra during 2023 Easter Holidays from Friday the 7th of April to Monday the 10th of April. See you all there.

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